Brink produces more than two thousand different towing brackets and develops around two hundred new towing brackets every year. In recent years Brink has developed from a company with a strong production focus to an organisation that takes care of the complete customer journey.

In both B2B and B2C, Brink follows a clear and strong strategy, with Weide providing advice, designs and realisation about on-line matters.

Conversion: customer on the hook

Weide ensures that the Brink website immediately shows the correct price per product, which you can find based on the type of car and even based on the registration number! That is essential, because a towing bracket and the corresponding cable set is different for each car. To make this search-and-find system work, a link is made between the Brink products and the RDW database, and with the databases of the English and German traffic authorities.

The result: the consumer knows immediately which towing bracket and cable set he needs and what they cost. Then he can use the Brink website to make an appointment with a fitter ‘around the corner’. Weide incorporated the correct USP’s and CTA’s into the order process.

Continuous optimisations

The website’s performance is monitored all the time. Measuring is knowing, and on that basis, Weide carries out continuous optimisation, in terms of main issues and details. All this to get the very best results. For the same reason, we keep constantly in touch with the customer. Teamwork that leads to attractive performances!

Order flow

The order flow on is simple and clear. As a result, it is not just easy to order, it also inspires confidence. Via intuitive steps, the customer is accompanied to the right choices. During the order process, we reduce the arguments and focus on behaviour. This works perfectly: the counter with the number of towing brackets sold on the site speaks for itself.


This website is based on an enormous amount of technology, to make it possible to match the large variety of car models, towing bracket types and corresponding cable sets. Weide built and manages the links to make it possible to show the correct products and prices for all types of cars every time. The system is kept up-to-date by loading in all information in real time from the Brink ICT environment and that of third parties.

Responsive design

On-line searchers find Brink perfect and the image is just as perfect on all devices. The site adapts to each device, such as desktop, mobile phone and tablets, including the iPad. As a result, visitors spend more time on the site, the bounce percentage is lower and the experience value always high - whatever the resolution.

Responsive design by Weide. Technical perfection and maximum access guaranteed.