Years of experience with mite and louse pesticides for poultry farmers and hobby breeders have proved that a 100% effective chemical pesticide is practically impossible. The natural Finecto+ products make problems with lice and mites manageable in an animal-friendly way.

The result is healthier, less agitated animals and better performance. Such a brand deserves sharp positioning and clear exposure. Weide does just that.

Product presentation

In the first instance, Finecto received excellent shelf presentation. This is because the shop shelf determines an important part of the purchase decision. The direct communication of the USP’S makes an important difference.

The corporate image makes the brand and its products recognisable and provides the offer with a reliable accent – an important fact for consumers who love their pets. This was followed by adverts, website and content marketing via a Finecto blog. Without any claims, but with great persuasiveness.


Weide made all the illustrations for Finecto. Pure handwork. In a clear style, which clarifies the USP’s and supports the navigation.

Ordering on-line

Weide created a simple web shop for Finecto, based on WordPress and WooCommerce. The web shop functions as a supporting sales channel, aimed at customers who do not have a Finecto outlet in their vicinity. Like the site, the web shop is completely responsive (the page image adapts to the device on which the site and/or the shop is viewed; all functionality is always present).

Recognisable problems

The new Finecto advert series does not concentrate on the products but on the problems, which many animal lovers will recognise. Problems, which Finecto makes manageable in a natural way – which means that the well-being of animals and humans is respected.

Responsive design

Being found is one thing, presenting the perfect image on all devices is another. Both targets are our mission. Weide ensures that the Finecto website presents an excellent image. And that it functions equally well on desktop and mobile and on tablets, including the iPad. As a result, visitors spend more time on the site, the bounce percentage is lower and the experience value of the site will always be high - whatever the resolution.

Responsive design by Weide. Technical perfection and maximum access go hand in hand.