Finesse creates the most beautiful wood projects. Like the one in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. From floors to ceilings and from staircases to wall coverings. The latest trends, the best materials and pure craftsmanship all come together. Finesse is wood. A world of inspiration, in which beauty and sustainability play the main part. Every day and for over 20 years.

Weide brings to life the world of Finesse in all its facets in a website that links wood seamlessly with a host of target groups and applications.


There are a host of wood processors and parquet installers. Interior designers idem ditto. How do you make it clear that in this large segment you represent an offer that is much better than all the others? Weide developed a marketing-communicative positioning for

Finesse that makes it clear immediately that ‘inspiring wood design’ stands for craftsmanship that is really hard to find elsewhere. The added value of the brand and the performance that is delivered are now there to be seen clearly by everyone.

Creating traffic using inspiration and projects

Everyone knows the Rijksmuseum, but where does that splendid 14,000m2 parquet floor come from? As part of the Night Watch, Frans Banning Cocq looks at it every day.

A demanding project in all respects; appearance, fire resistance, detailing, craftsmanship. Finesse has scores of striking reference projects at its disposal. Weide uses them as a source of inspiration, which creates website traffic and new orders for Finesse.

Corporate identity

The ‘old’ corporate identity of Finesse was no longer suitable for the quality of the product range. Weide designed and implemented a new corporate identity, both on-line and off-line, which does justice to the Finesse quality and aesthetics.

The new corporate identity gives the Finesse brand the desired appearance and gives Finesse new energy: modern, forward-looking, top level and it can be combined perfectly with reference project photo material.

Responsive design

Customers access the Finesse site via their mobile, tablet (for instance their iPad) or desktop computer. The websites Weide designs and builds adapt smoothly to the device used. As a result, all information is always pictured perfectly and USP’s will stand out prominently whatever the resolution.

Responsive design, which offers a unique experience for each device, but always effectively communicates the essential and commercial information from Finesse.