Many women suffer a heavy loss of blood during menstruation. This is a taboo – despite the fact that there are excellent solutions for this problem. But you will have to visit the doctor for that. Weide developed the site, which rather than approach the problem medically, makes it possible to discuss it. The result: it started with 1500 visitors per month; now clever marketing content brings 50,000 visitors to the site… every month!

The concept is rolled out within Hologic and also in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.

Identity and positioning

The accessible, lifestyle-related environment of this website aimed at women was developed jointly by Weide and the customer. Design, texts and technique completed by female experts and creative people. The site has proven that many more women with heavy blood loss have the courage to go to their GP and no longer put up with ‘half solutions’.

Because women can ask a doctor questions via the site, but confidence is also being generated thanks to the low threshold and sympathetic character of the site. The problem appears to be ‘normal’. And not an individual thing that you should be ashamed of.

Many visitors thanks to blog and social media

The taboo atmosphere around the subject appears to make social media a less obvious instrument for boosting web traffic. Weide initiates a correct approach, which also makes the subject less of a no-no socially.

More than 30% of the site visitors now come via social media! Along with the blog linked to the site, social media supports the high natural accessibility of This proves that the correct content in terms of marketing strategy can often make a difference in practice!

Inventive illustrations

Weide put together all the illustrations on In a style that fits in with the tone of voice and look & feel of the website. Even disagreeable subjects like heavy blood loss in combination with the causes can be illustrated educationally and accessibly.

Illustrations are often the perfect addition to sites and other displays when something that appears to be complicated has to be explained clearly and quickly. Weide has the illustrators in house who prove that in a colourful way.

Responsive design

60% of the visitors view the site on a mobile telephone. Responsive design is therefore very important. The websites designed and built by Weide adapt smoothly to the device that is used. This means that all content is always represented perfectly. In addition is built up in such a way that on every device (mobile, desktop or tablet; for instance the iPad) there is always a good reason on screen to keep scrolling. Technology supports content. Typically Weide.