Kjenning develops organisations and professionals in housing & real estate. It is a training organisation for employees of corporations and real estate institutions. Seven years ago Kjenning asked Weide develop an effective on-line strategy. That was followed by a content marketing strategy, a website and email marketing activities.

Weide still works for Kjenning. Kjenning has become a market leader, all bookings for training courses are made via the website.


Kjenning is without doubt the number one training institution in housing corporation land. As a specialist in real estate training courses, it offers a wide range of valuable training and education courses at various levels.

Corporation real estate is real estate with a special status. Social housing is a playing field with specialist ins and outs. Kjenning knows all of them, works with the best lecturers and stimulates a high education level among customers, corporations and other professional real estate parties.

Clear data notation for training courses

The Kjenning website excels with regard to clarity, information transfer and effective calls to action.

The registration system for the range of courses plays an important part. The Kjenning site states clearly when and where the courses are on. But it also gives a warning when courses are close to being fully subscribed. This encourages visitors to make a definitive booking more quickly due to scarcity and certainty (the number of options has increased by + 200 %!).


The website plays such a prominent part in Kjenning’s marketing thanks to the clarity the site offers and the made-to-measure information about the Kjenning range. As a result, the conversion ratio is high: searchers make bookings.

Registration process

kjenning.registration.textIn contrast to some other training companies’ sites, the registration process on the Kjenning website is clear, orderly and relatively short. That has a stimulating effect, proved by the number of registrations and makes for a positive experience – a fact to which website visitors and students respond.

Responsive design

Students get to the Kjenning site via their mobile telephone, tablet (for instance their iPad) or desktop computer. The websites designed and built by Weide adapt smoothly to the device used.

This ensures that all information is always displayed well and the registration module functions swiftly and is customer-friendly. Responsive design that offers a unique experience for each device, but always communicates Kjenning’s essential information effectively. And highlights the most important USP’s.