Alpine lifestyle in optima forma. Design in many details. Austrian identity in a contemporary jacket. That is Hotel Lün in Brand, Vorarlberg. Together with the hotel, Weide converted these qualities into a promising (on-line) positioning, which gives Hotel Lün an advantage over their competitors. And which the hotel itself also realises in full, because it gets fantastic ratings and reviews on the most relevant review sites.

Hotel Lün and Weide work together to meet all expectations!


We made Lün into a lifestyle hotel, where the guests’ wellbeing takes centre stage quality with a personal touch is key. Logo, corporate identity, photography, graphic styling and website are contributed by Weide. Even that small bird that is included in the sleek composition by way of playful wink, as a result of which the actual identity of the hotel seamlessly becomes part of the presentation. And the exposure reflects the positivity with which Hotel Lün spoils its guests. Guests from all parts of Europe, because lovers of quality all speak the same language. Even if every bird sings its own song.

An orderly overview of the rooms

A special feature is the fact that Weide provides an orderly overview of the rooms in Hotel Lün on the hotel website. Endless clicking is no longer necessary: The overview of all room types is instantly available, including the differences between them and the special features of each individual room.

Prospective guests can make an enquiry straight from the page and book immediately. According to their own insight and preference, with the correct price, period and the room of their choice in the picture in front of them. That emphasises the personal identity, but also the unique character of Hotel Lün.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are extremely important for all hotels and Lün is no exception. Because contented guests are the best ambassadors. Therefore Weide displays the hotel’s excellent ‘scores’ on each page of the website. This in turn provides evidence of the fact that Hotel Lün keeps its promises – and inspires ever increasing numbers of guests to experience this hotel’s qualities themselves.

Responsive design

Guests can reach the Hotel Lün site on their mobile phone, tablet (for instance their iPad) or desktop computer. The websites that Weide designs and builds smoothly adapt to the equipment used. This ensures that all information is always displayed well and that things like the booking module function perfectly and in a customer-friendly way.

Responsive design, which offers a unique experience for each device, but communicates the hotel’s essential and commercial information effectively on each resolution. And shows USP’s to make choosing easy!