Special and exclusive castle hotel in Salzburgerland. Ambiance, hospitality and comfort, with a tradition that goes back to the year 1150. That requires modern hotel marketing; in other words Weide. Weide perfected the product, price and promotion as a whole. Then they enhanced the effective range of the website and booking channels.


The excellent results that Weide achieved for Alpendreams gave Schloss Mittersilll the idea to involve Weide. And because our project manager himself was on-line manager with an exclusive hotel in the Netherlands, this meant that there was immediately a match.

In the hotel market, identity and on-line clout are all-important. Therefore we started with developing the exclusive identity of Mittersill further. Then we provided a website with international conviction and one, which is the key to the success of this comfortable Schloss hotel. Design, photography, navigation, booking options and image are all integral parts of this process.

Inspiring website

Room overview

Every room in Mittersill has its own character. Weide made it possible to view all room photographs on one overview page. This makes it easy to spot the differences. Simple navigation using the arrows. The guest selects the room(s) of his or her choice, depending on equipment and ambiance.

A special feature, completely in line with the unique nature of this hotel and with the individual service that characterises Mittersill. No wonder the hotel guests often make use of this feature.

Connections with external booking modules

Thanks to seamless connections with external booking modules, the Schloss Mittersill site always shows the correct price for each period. No surprises for the guests, but the same applies to the hotel personnel: the employees only need to update all of it in one system only. Efficient and streamlined room management is the result. Double bookings are a thing of the past. The method is identical with that at Booking.com. But without the costs for the hotelier.

In this way Weide’s on-line system not only guarantees a higher occupation ratio and customer-friendliness but also more efficiency behind the scenes.

Social media and email marketing

Personal service as key ingredient also requires a personal approach in communication. Weide creates a social media trajectory for Schloss Mittersill that goes much further than photos or regular offers that are justified from a marketing point of view. Relations can count on individual attention. This also applies email marketing, whose aim it is to maintain contact with regular guests, to keep them informed of life at the Schloss and … of course to encourage them to come back soon. Weide directs, coordinates and delivers.

Responsive design

Being found is one thing, presenting the perfect image on all devices is another. Both targets are our mission. Weide makes sure that the website of Schloss Mittersill presents the perfect picture and that it functions optimally on desktop, mobile phone and tablets, as well as on the iPad. The result: you can book rooms in Schloss Mittersill anywhere and anytime you want. Whatever the device, a visit to the website is a unique experience and offers are communicated. Everything in accordance with the Google Speed test. Simply super!