Over the past thirty years, Revamo was known for its flame sprays and as a machine manufacturer. In 2016, the enterprise has developed itself into a knowledge partner that contributes ideas, after a natural change in its positioning. Revamo now has a strong reputation as a specialist in wear and tear solutions. The company has the knowledge and technology to prevent and repair wear and tear of parts.


Revamo and Weide worked closely together in their approach to the new positioning. The main aim was: from artisanal to solution-orientated, from factory to knowledge partner. After all,

Revamo offers wear solutions that can be applied in many different industries. And because all problems are different, Revamo also has different solutions. These include nearly all flame spray processes, laser cladding and machine processes.

Wear solutions, managing wear

Revamo has the right solution for each wear problem. By selecting the correct process, wear can be managed. As a result, it is possible to delay or to prevent wear.

Another option is to make a part more amenable to wear so that it is known beforehand which part has to be replaced or repaired. In this way, Revamo helps to reduce maintenance costs. Complicated problem? That is Revamo’s speciality! Solutions that require extra knowledge, creativity and inventiveness.

Photo and film

The correct photo and video style underlines the image of Remavo as a knowledge partner. In addition, a good impression is provided of how they master different processes and techniques. The robust Revamo website acquires colour and comes to life using effective image material, whose production was supported by Weide.

Case studies

To increase the number of requests for bespoke solutions, some Revamo case studies with recognisable problems have been added to the site. They inspire confidence in the knowledge and expertise of Revamo and are proof of the fact that Revamo acts as a valuable knowledge partner. This helps to grow the number of website visitors even more.