SHR in Wageningen is the test, advice and knowledge centre for wood, wood containing and other bio-based products; including everything that is processed in connection with this. Such as paint, adhesives, resin, coatings, bonding materials, nails, staples and rubber profiles. SHR tests products in the development phase or as part of a certification phase.

Brief: give SHR a contemporary image, a dominant web position and get the message across that SHR is much more than just wood. In brief: give shape to a transition to the future, which gives the organisation a sharp profile.


SHR has an excellent international reputation as a testing, knowledge and research partner and is growing in professional fields other than wood. To support and help develop that position and ambition is a strategy with many marketing-communicative aspects. Weide developed a new identity for SHR, crowned among other things by the website, that has a huge amount of visitors.

Professional texts

A good website text does much more than merely provide information and increase accessibility. Professionally written texts stop you in your tracks, demand attention, convince, seduce and forge a link.

They invite you to read on and more than anything else: to take action. Thanks to the right subject and a pleasant tone-of-voice, which fits seamlessly with SHR.


Weide provided photo impressions for SHR of both internal and external activities. There was a major focus on the often specific test and laboratory situations in terms of lighting, composition and imaging. The result: an attractive, transparent image language, which is neat as well as lively. And as a result, integrating with texts and web design, provides an essential contribution to the whole.

SHR 25 years: a quarter century of looking to the future

In 2016, SHR will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. They will use that opportunity not to look back, but to look 25 years ahead. Weide was thinking along the same lines and in addition to the graphic design of the anniversary activities, also created a site-in-site. The visitors to the anniversary event on 9 September can use this as a guide and book a journey of discovery to 2041.


Newsletters with the latest news about research, inspections, tests and product developments by SHR regularly find their way to an ever-increasing group of recipients. This in turn attracts an ever-increasing number of visitors to the website.

Weide guarantees accessibility and an attractive design. And this makes the often specialised and informative content extra interesting for a wide target group.

Responsive design

The SHR site is easily found by 'surfers' and is just as perfect in image on all devices. The site adapts to any device, like desktop, mobile, and tablets, including the iPad. This results in visitors spending more time on the site, the bounce percentage is lower and the experience value remains high - regardless of the resolution.

Responsive design by Weide. Technical perfection and maximisation of scope complement each other.