Slimpie is market leader in delicious, sugar-free cordial. Together with Slimpie, Weide has come up with a powerful marketing and communication strategy, aimed at kids from the age of 5. On the shelves Slimpie is more eye-catching than all the others: the right USP’s, a shot of fun factor and a high attraction value. Weide takes care of all aspects of Slimpie’s market image.

From packaging to advertising and from billboard to website. And with excellent results!


Weide made new labels for Slimpie. For maximum point of sale success. Eye-catching claims, tasty fruit and distinctive colour combinations determine the image. That makes it stand out on the shelves! Among all me too and own brands, Slimpie immediately achieves a crucial difference. Market leader in sugar-free.

Slimpie GO is a new Slimpie item: cordial in a handy take-away bottle. For the journey. You can dilute it with water yourself, wherever you want. Weide has designed an original sleeve for the squeeze bottles, which means that they perfectly fit Slimpie’s brand image. Building a brand also means having the courage to be consistent. Slimpie reaps the benefits of this.

Advertising and billboards

Weide constantly carries out campaigns for Slimpie, including the Slimpie GO introduction campaign. Impact, the fun factor that is so important for Slimpie and the cross-media approach (on-line and off-line) determine the success. Slimpie GO can be seen on billboards in 600 Dutch railway stations, in adverts, on the Slimpie website and in cheerful commercials, both for television and for YouTube.

Result? Slimpie GO suddenly has a strong position on the sugar-free map and keeps on growing cheerfully place.

On-line challenges and actions

Weide has developed and maintains the responsive Slimpie website for mobile, i-Phone and iPad. Intelligent Google optimisation led to a 40% increase in visitor numbers within 12 months - and still counting!

The number of website visitors is so high that the site functions as an on-line advertising platform, where sugar-free surfers like to pay frequent visits. Here they find oneness between web presentation, brand image, packaging and advertising. The core always comes first: 0% sugar, 0% calories, 100% flavour.

Clini Clowns action

Thanks to its responsible sugar-free nature, Slimpie fits in perfectly with good causes. An example of this is Clini Clowns, for which the brand carried out a number of campaigns. Weide was involved in the campaigns, in which you could win a WK clown’s nose when buying bottles of Slimpie cordial and you could save for endearing bears.

Kika action

Slimpie collected money for a children’s cancer charity (Kika). Part of the money for each bottle of Slimpie sold was given to Kika. The multichannel communication comprised website, social media, product stickers for the shelves and supporting advertising. All of them Weide productions.

Slimpie also contributed to the Run for Kika: a significant injection for the foundation, which facilitates scientific research into the battle against children’s cancer.

On the website

On social media

On the packaging

Responsive design

Being found is one thing, presenting the perfect image on all devices is another. Both targets are our mission. Weide makes sure that the Slimpie website of Schloss Mittersill presents the perfect picture and that it functions optimally on desktop, mobile phone and tablets, as well as on the iPad. The result: visitors spend more time on the site, the bounce percentage is lower and the experience value of the site remains high - whatever the resolution.
Responsive design by Weide. Technical perfection and maximisation of reach go hand in hand..