VBTM Advocaten: the inventive real estate specialists. VBTM works for professional real estate parties (building trade, care, government and 230 corporations). VBTM growth ambitions brought it into contact with Weide. The result in 2016 was among other things a new marketing communication strategy. Their website, www.vbtm.nl communicates convincingly what is special about VBTM, based on an array of areas of legal specialisation and an inventive solution-orientated approach.


Weide developed an up-to-date positioning and communication strategy for VBTM. An important aspect of this is that, thanks to the breadth of expertise in real estate law within the office, real estate organisations can turn to VBTM for all their legal problems regarding all aspects of real estate legislation; unlike many of their competitors,

who are active in only one or two areas of specialisation in one niche of real estate law. To demonstrate this, there is a major focus on everyday practice: cases, current developments and interpretations of legislation and jurisprudence. Sharing knowledge is a valued feature of VBTM and their website is proof of this.

Site as a spider in the web

The new VBTM site is the spider in the ‘web’ of a coherent whole of communication expressions. Current issues, newsletter and other publications for a balanced mix that reaches, inspires and convinces multi-channel target groups.

As is customary in the branch, but with a difference. And sometimes the other way around. Textual in the clear, professional style of a real copywriter.

Accompanying photography and illustration

Weide developed a photography and illustration style for VBTM, which is both business-like and introduces personal touches. Essential, because the human capital of a solicitor’s office is the most important component of the company profile. And because fresh, appealing and clear illustrations give a site about content themes a light-footed added value.

Weide monitored the creation of the photography and looked after the illustrations.

Responsive design

Being found is one thing, presenting the perfect image on all devices is another. Both targets are top priorities for VBTM. Weide makes sure that the VBTM website has the optimal picture and functions perfectly on desktop, mobile and tablets, like the iPad. As a result, visitors spend more time on the site, the bounce percentage is lower and the site’s experience value is always high - whatever the resolution.

Responsive design by Weide. That pleads for every site.